Friday 24 May 2024
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Destination Wedding In Italy - emotions and numbers after the Wedding Industry Meeting

Three thousand weddings of couples coming from abroad are celebrated in Tuscany every year. Being impeccable is a duty.

Destination Wedding, a word that conceals the following numbers and statistics: almost 3,000 marriages celebrated only in Tuscany, by foreign couples who have elected Tuscany as a Region where to celebrate their love. 131,000 people arrived specifically to attend the wedding of a couple of friends and their relatives, over 480,000 total overnight stays. But are these numbers the only reason that justifies the destination wedding sector to proliferate and grow constantly?

The marriage sector is not just about numbers: specialists have known it for years. People, spouses and their families make the “industry” of marriage and destination wedding much more than this.

As Tommaso Corsini said, during the event that celebrated the sector: “The Wedding Industry is establishing itself as an industry in which hundreds of companies that form a real dedicated supply chain are part of it.

A very brave myriad of small and micro enterprises”. From here, with the support of the Convention Bureau, the invitation to join in a sector representation that Tommaso himself has invited to catch: “The Wedding industry is a productive sector that is still limitedly studied by the institutions”.

Among the international guests who took part in the Wedding Industry Meeting: Wayne Gurnick – from Moments by Wayne –  who, with over 30 years of experience, is a mainstay of the wedding planning profession. Since the past two years he started a mutual collaboration with the Convention Bureau.

Bruce Russel – By Bruce Russel- Celebrated internationally as one of the best wedding planners in the world, with his agency based in London, for over 15 years realized custom projects.

While from Italy there were also famous guests such as Paola Pizzo, editorial director of one of the most important web portal in Italy, Sposi Magazine; and the director of Elle Sposa Giovanni Sparacio. Together with them, various professionals in the sector have spoken, and when they were confronted together, they were able to experience the importance of “creating a system” together.

Appointment to the next year, with the will to see the different actors in the field of marriage, more and more united, to form the excellence of Destination Wedding.