Monday 15 April 2024

Bridal gown: how to choose the right one for you!

The bridal gown must enhance the bride’s silhouette and make her feel like an absolute star on her special day. Quoting Oscar Wilde, “one should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” On the day of her wedding, the bridal gown represents the perfect blend between being a work of art and wearing one.

Whether sensual, classic, princess-like or unconventional, all brides with start with the same emblematic question: “how do I choose the right dress for my special day?” The right dress will be able to highlight the bride’s silhouette, winking at the best features of her figure, as well as telling friends, family, and guests something more about her personality. A bit of advice for our brides-to-be: do not be shy! On your special day, you will be the true stars of the party. So dare, have fun and do not lose sight of who you are when choosing the perfect bridal gown!

From Chantilly lace to macramé, from chiffon to silk tulle, from Mikado to organza, the choice of prestigious textiles is very broad and helps frame the figure of the spouse. Not to mention that always more often, these details are noticed with interest and admiration by all of your loved ones that will be present on one of the most important days of your lives.

Princess style wedding dress

Every bride has her own personality, which makes her unique. Besides, today, the array of models to choose from for a bridal gown is the broadest there has ever been, and can satisfy even the most refined and particular of tastes. For this reason, the choice of the perfect bridal gown can require some time. However, this should not scare you! On the contrary, you should enjoy every moment of this special time and take it all in to choose the bridal gown that moves you the most.

The romantic, timeless charm of the princess style dress makes it one of the most iconic models for brides. With a wide and featherlight gown, embellished with overlapped and weightless textiles, as well as a finely decorated fitted corset, it is the ideal solution for a Nordic or Mediterranean bride who wishes to feel like a fairy tale princess!

Mermaid or empire dress

Elegant yet with a pinch of seductiveness, the mermaid gown wraps around long-limbed yet winsome silhouettes, modelling itself on the body lines to then open up at knee height. A bridal gown model that, based on its textiles, neckline and decorations, is capable of highlighting the personalities of seductive yet glamorous brides.

The Empire waist bridal gown is refined, with soft, classic lines, and gently drapes along the bride’s body. Thanks to its sophisticated allure, using details and refined embroideries can embellish it, however weighing down on the dress, rather enhancing its lightness. The high waistline, just below the cleavage, makes the bride’s figure look slender, giving her an ethereal aura of beauty. A classic evergreen for brides of all ages and culture is the flowing dress, which represents the most discreet alternative to the princess bridal gown. Versatile and elegant, it gently brushes against the figure

Minimal-chic wedding dress

By playing with structure and details – such as a jeweled belt, for example – it is possible to create different looks, personalizing the wedding dress according to the style of the bride. The ideal choice for brides who love an essential and minimalist style, without however compromising on glamour.

Modern and carefree, yet always chic, the short dress is the perfect solution for trendy brides, who however do not want to abandon tradition. This bridal gown has proven to be an always more preferred choice to the traditional long dress, and has returned to the forefront in a number of different varieties: from the asymmetric model to a mini dress with a balloon skirt, from a classic sheath to a longuette dress, combined with details such as transparent layers, ruches and bows. Perfect for bold and confident brides.

Vintage wedding dress

Finally, for the more nostalgic brides, the ‘50s bridal gown represents the perfect choice for those who wish to recall the allure of those days, when – besides our beautiful and beloved grandmothers – unforgettable icons of femininity ruled the scene: from the charm of the minute and sophisticated beauty of Audrey Hepburn, to the curvy and seductive figure of Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. Simplicity, corolla gowns that give a glimpse of a woman’s legs, sweetheart necklines and V-necks, are just some of the musts for a true vintage wedding. For the bride that wishes to respect etiquette and loves that retro yet current look.

Bottom line, the choice of the bridal gown is a matter of chemistry… so you must choose based on your personality, but let yourself also be guided by your emotions, which, without a doubt, will reveal which one is the right dress for you!