Tuesday 25 June 2024

Celebrate your love in 2021, don’t postpone the wedding

Due to the covid pandemic, 2020 was a very difficult year for weddings. Many future newlyweds canceled their wedding, giving up their dream. In 2021, however, the sector is ready to start again to fulfill all the couples’ wishes. Our goal is to plan weddings cared for in every detail, ensuring total safety for newlyweds and guests. Here are some suggestions not to postpone the wedding, but to celebrate love during 2021.

2021 is the year of the restart for weddings

Many future spouses are still undecided about the wedding in 2021. The fear is having to cancel the marriage. But the Corsini.Events team is also here for this. We are sure that 2021 is the year of the restart for weddings and events.

To those who contact us, we explain the importance of looking with confidence in the coming months. Despite the difficulties, we are sure we will be able to return to celebrate love in the best way. If the summer, however, still seems too close to you, look further. There is also the possibility of planning a fall wedding. Or, why not, a winter marriage. Many couples choose this period, relying on wedding planners who know how to advise them on locations and arrangements. So, come on, don’t postpone the wedding!

The advantages of a wedding
in autumn

The fall wedding is a great idea to celebrate love in a season that can give pleasant sunny days. The months between September and October are ideal for ceremonies and outdoor parties.

Think about the colors of the autumn season. They give life to an exceptional panorama and the opportunity to plan a themed wedding that focuses on yellow, orange, red, and gold. Not only that, because autumn is the time of harvest and olive picking. So why not take inspiration from these aspects to create original setups, decorations, and floral arrangements?

Wedding Guidelines 2021: how to ensure safety for newlyweds and guests

Our team is ready to plan your wedding. We have studied the safety protocols, and we will be able to apply all future standards required for the wedding industry.

Our goal is to combine every wish of the bride and groom with the standards of a safe marriage. Waiting for the final protocol, here are the first guidelines that we want to share with you: measure the temperature of the guests; no queues and gatherings in the location; there must be dispensers for the sanitization of the hands; it will be mandatory to wear masks in indoor settings; better to organize outdoor receptions that include tables with the distance between guests. The rules are there, but they do not prevent you from planning your perfect day. That is why we are ready to plan your wedding by your side.