Tuesday 23 July 2024

Country baroque shooting with Ryan Joseph at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte

Shooting with Ryan Joseph at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte to explain the country baroque wedding. A concept developed by our team in collaboration with some of the most trusted partners in the sector.

Ryan Joseph: destination wedding

Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte, has been the set of a photo shooting by the well-known American photographer Ryan Joseph, a destination wedding specialist.

Ryan is an acclaimed wedding photographer, his talent and passion are recognized internationally. Many of his photographic works are published periodically in wedding magazines and blogs.

Photo shooting at Villa Corsini

Equipped with an extraordinary imagination, professionalism and experience, Ryan Joseph travels all over the world. In particular, he spends a lot of time in Italy to photograph the weddings of his clients who have chosen the ‘bel paese’ to live their love story. The shooting we organized, in collaboration with Monica Balli, was the right occasion to get to know him and appreciate his work more closely. Corsini Events.Group took care of the concept and artistic direction, while we have to thank Simone Bertini for the floral arrangement, Preludio Noleggio for the setups and Olga Corsini for the jewels worn by our model.

Country baroque wedding in the photos of Ryan Joseph

A whole day of photos and poses to tell the country baroque style, a style that fits perfectly with the context of Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte. This is why we have chosen to take advantage of every space in the villa by organizing few distinct photo sessions: two outdoors, in the Italian Garden and in the main Lawn, and one indoors, in the breathtaking frescoed Gallery. The country baroque wedding can in fact be declined in two different ways: a more romantic and rustic, another more modern and sumptuous. The villa is the ideal place for both, we leave the choice to the couple!

Highly professional shooting day

Another plus was undoubtedly the collaboration of the wife of Ryan, makeup artist, who took care of the make-up and preparation of our model.

During the shooting, we were fascinated by Ryan’s way of managing the work by guiding o our models and enhancing the floral decorations and the setups prepared for the occasion. A professionalism and knowledge felt by everyone that followed Ryan throughout the day maintaining a fascinating silence.