Friday 24 May 2024

Elopement in Italy

The elopement is a different wedding experience: more personal and intimate with just a small group of selected guests. We know that “elopement” is synonymous with romantic getaway, but if until a few years ago it referred to a flash-marriage in Las Vegas, today it is one of the most chosen wedding forms by the couples who want to celebrate their love.

More and more couples, in fact, prefer to organize an intimate ceremony compared to the traditional one which includes hundreds of guests. Couples get married later, focusing more on what they want, rather than satisfying the wishes of their relatives. But it is not only this, there are many couples who, after celebrating marriage in their home country, choose to leave with a few friends and family for a holiday dedicated to the celebrations. Italy and Tuscany are among the most popular and appreciated destinations.

The elopement in Italy is a romantic and intimate way to make official the union of the couple and special as any wedding by large numbers as well. The couple also have the opportunity to focus on them the full attention of the guests.

Elopement in Tuscany

Despite the small size, organizing a wedding of this kind does not mean planning an easier event or that you can do everything yourself. Like any other wedding, it requires a lot of organization and may not be as simple as it seems. An elopement takes place in a distant destination and this requires the guidance of an experienced professional, a wedding planner who knows how to organize accommodations and celebrations.

As we have already said, Tuscany and Florence represent the ideal place to get married and for this reason they are among the most chosen destinations: imagine yourself surrounded by art, good food and Italian lifestyle!

Many couples underestimate the commitment required in terms of planning to organize an elopement in Italy. It is necessary not only to find the right location but also to inquire about marriage laws, which change for each country, in case a small ceremony is planned. It is precisely for these reasons that entrusting a wedding planner is absolutely necessary.

The wedding planner will in fact be able to suggest to the couple the right path to follow and support them in every decision, guiding them in the best way. Corsini.Events is the partner you can trust to organize your elopement in Florence, Italy or Europe.