Tuesday 25 June 2024

Florence wedding venues: historical venues for your event in the city

Have you ever considered getting married in a Florence villa? The city is rich in villas and palaces that also contributed to its history. Many of them are now available for brides and grooms from all over the world to host their most special day. Here is a list of the best historical Florence wedding venues.

Villa Cora

Probably one of the best wedding venues in Florence, Villa Cora is just perfect for glamorous, baroque and romantic events rich in details. The villa was built at the end of the XIX century and it soon became one of the worldly and cultural symbols of Florence. It still preserves the original atmosphere and beauty that made it famous shortly after the inauguration and today is available for wedding receptions in the heart of the city.

Being placed only a short distance from the old town, Villa Cora enjoys a beautiful view over the Boboli Gardens and the city centre. The location is also right for a few days staying in Florence with family and friends.

Villa di Maiano

Villa di Maiano is a period building located just outside Florence, on the hills that surround the city and create a “green” crown all around it. From this privileged position, the villa enjoys a beautiful view over the iconic monuments of Florence like the Cathedral. They are all clearly visible from the garden terrace, and that is why this space is the best place to set the wedding reception.

A wedding in Villa di Maiano is just beautiful, also the owners of the villa will make any effort to make you feel at home and provide everything you need for your special day.

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

The origins of Villa di Lilliano dates back to the Medici family. Centuries of history have contributed to making the villa so fascinating and charming. It is located in the countryside a short distance from Florence and is widely known for its wine and olive oil production.

Among the Florence wedding venues, Villa di Lilliano is certainly one of the best if what you are looking for is a countryside-style event with local food and wine. It’s the right place to experience the rural side of modern Tuscany.

Villa Gamberaia

Villa Gamberaia was built at the beginning of the XVI century on the Florentine hills, about 15 minutes from the city centre. Beside the inner halls, the true pearl of the villa is its garden: a magnificent and huge example of Italian-style garden set in a countryside landscape that has been celebrated more than once. This spot is just beautiful and lets you enjoy a stunning view over the Tuscan countryside.

Planning your wedding at Villa Gamberaia is an exceptional experience and we can support you along the way managing every detail.

Four Seasons Hotel Florence

The Four Seasons Hotel in Florence has a very special feature: a private garden right in the city centre. When the weather allows it, you can plan your wedding day here and share with your guests the park for an exclusive dinner under the stars. Food and wine are absolutely top quality and the menu is tailor-made to your needs and preferences.

The wedding at Four Seasons Florence is romantic and exclusive. The hotel staff makes sure to let you feel at home and we take care of every detail letting you enjoy the day light-hearted.

Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte

Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte dates back to the Medici family, but has been owned by the Corsini family since the 17th century. The villa was already originally dedicated to hospitality and the organization of great events, a feature that has accompanied it to this day. Years of experience in the event industry make it one of the best choices in terms of wedding venue in Florence.

Romantic and exclusive, in a privileged position that embraces the Florentine countryside, Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte can accommodate numerous guests and has many different spaces where to organize the wedding both in the gardens and in the internal rooms. In addition, the frescoed gallery with a panoramic view of the countryside is an ideal set for organizing a banquet, cake cutting or party in a magical atmosphere.

Palazzo Corsini

Located right in the heart of Florence city centre, Palazzo Corsini is a historical building. Today the building hosts important cultural events, exhibitions and, on exceptional occasions, weddings. Its halls, once used as ballroom and living rooms, are mostly frescoed and really fascinating. Our team can help you visit the palace privately and support you in the planning of your wedding day in one of its rooms.

It doesn’t offer the possibility to spend the night in but, being so close to the city centre, there are lots of hotels nearby that we can book for you and your guests.

Giardino Corsini

Garden weddings are perfect for the hot summer days of Tuscany and Giardino Corsini is just the ideal venue. It is set in the heart of Florence but is part of a private residence and therefore you can only access it on special occasions or with the help of a trusted wedding planner.

Giardino Corsini is one of the few gardens you can find within the city that allows weddings and events to take place. Dating back to the XVII century, it is a really exclusive wedding venue, the perfect one if you are willing to get married in one of the nearby churches in the historic center such as Ognissanti or the Episcopal Church of St. James.