Friday 24 May 2024

How to manage a kosher catering for a jewish wedding

One of the most important moment of every wedding reception is that of the banquet. In a Jewish wedding, this part requires special attention since it is often a kosher catering that must be managed by the wedding planner.

Traditional Jewish wedding banquet

Wedding is an important day in which, more than ever, traditions play a crucial role. Of course, every culture and religious faith has its own ritual both for the ceremony and for the reception, but it is the food served during the banquet, the element that most stands out.

As wedding planners specialized in organizing weddings of any faith and culture, we know this aspect very well.

Kosher catering in Florence

In particular, over the years, we have had the opportunity to organize several Jewish weddings and therefore we have approached traditional kosher food. Managing a kosher catering during the wedding requires attention and care for every detail that we have learned to master.

Jewish cuisine has indeed precise rules regarding the treatment of ingredients and the preparation of dishes. Our partners in this regard have proved to be very attentive and professional.

Wedding reception with kosher catering

In kosher cuisine, many food preservatives and additives are not allowed and this turns into a guarantee of freshness and quality that the catering chosen for the event must be able to offer. No need to confirm how important it is, therefore, to rely on experienced and trusted professionals.

In Florence there is no shortage of catering services prepared to face even the most distant types of cuisine from the Italian one. So don’t worry. Managing a kosher catering for your wedding in Florence will be our task!

Personalized kosher wedding menu

Since the first meeting with the couple, when the leitmotif of the event is defined, our team agree with the couple the respect or not of the Jewish tradition during the banquet. In fact, if some couples absolutely want a kosher menu for the wedding, it is also true that for others it is not a priority.

Once the decision is made, we work with catering to create a totally customized menu based on their requests.