Tuesday 25 June 2024

Indian wedding in Florence: how to make it unforgettable

Indian wedding is much more than just a marriage. The celebrations and festivities last for days and attract lots of guests, who often come from different parts of the world. So, this kind of event is perfect to be celebrated with an extraordinary Destination Wedding. Do you want some tips for the place? Well, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities to host this type of event.

Indian wedding ceremony: traditions and rites to be respected

The long experience of Corsini.Events in the Weddings & Celebrations sector have led us to plan Indian weddings in Italy, developing great attention to respect for the Hindu traditions and rites that characterize them.

From the party that welcomes the future spouses to the wedding, to the identification of the best suppliers for catering, flower design, fittings, and makeup, our task is to define every detail of the events, in compliance with the requests of the spouses. How? By listening to their desires and turning them into reality.

Indian Mehendi ceremony: the decoration of the bride’s hands

After identifying the venues to accommodate the different moments of an Indian wedding in Florence, the next step is the organization of individual traditional rites.
The first is the Mehendi, a rite reserved for the henna decoration of the bride’s hands. It is a very suggestive moment and, generally, it takes place at lunchtime in the form of a sweet breakfast.

The Sangeet, instead, is the first occasion of reunion for the future spouses and all the guests, officially kicking off the beginning of the festivities. It’s usually arranged the night before the wedding. It is usually organized the evening before the wedding in an intimate location, characterized by sumptuous and colorful decorations.

The Mandap in the Indian wedding to welcome the newlyweds

The wedding day opens with the Baraat, the rite of the encounter between the spouses’ families. Usually, it takes place in the form of a procession in which men, even on horseback, proceed toward women. The traditional music and great dances come to life all around.

The actual wedding is celebrated under the Mandaap, a bright-colored floral decoration. The union of the bride and groom continues with long celebrations. A large breakfast is also prepared during this ritual, to allow guests to enjoy some traditional dishes. The festivities continue throughout the rest of the day with banquets, dances, and songs.