Friday 24 May 2024

Dream of an Italian wedding: when love is celebrated with the tricolor

When you are looking for the simplicity of a typical Italian wedding, what are the essential elements not to miss?

Wedding in Italy

Imagine yourself in Italy: maybe you were born there, or it was the country where you studied or spent a short period of your life. Or again, a place you have not yet visited but where you want to get married with an Italian wedding.

You are thinking of a sunny day, or a cool summer evening on the Tuscan hills. Maybe the desire is to taste the delicacies of Italian cuisine: without being complicated, a dish of excellent homemade pasta, crunchy croutons with amazing Tuscan olive oil. Or maybe you are looking for a more sophisticated taste: that of truffles that are well hidden in the woods and in the Chianti countryside.

Mediterranean tradition on the table

The images that come to mind when thinking of an Italian wedding can be the most disparate: from the famous movie by Vittorio De Sica with Sofia Loren, to the delicacy of dishes expression of the Mediterranean diet, celebrated all over the world.

But be careful not to fall into the banality of an image that nothing – or little – has to do with Italian style and elegance: no mise-en-place with white and red checkered tablecloths, no Bolognese sauces or capes or black veils.

Italian design wedding

It is always better to follow the advice from those who have culture and have been part of the history of Italy since its beginnings. Corsini.Events Group is the right partner to rely on for the realisation of your marriage. Wedding planners, location scouting, event production are just some of the skills and services that spouses can use.

To celebrate Italian in a smart and traditional way, Corsini.Events team has developed a design format, developed by trusted and high-quality suppliers. The purpose? Combining the functionality of the party and the typical Tuscan design. All this meeting the request of the spouses, who wanted to celebrate their love according to the Italian Style!