Tuesday 23 July 2024

Winter wedding: when you do not have to fear cold!

Thinking of a winter wedding seemed a far-away possibility, but now it is reality. It happens that a couple of wives think for a long time how they would like to organize their marriage and the hypothesis of the winter season comes away in the majority of cases. Do not let the Winter season stops you! It is still full of magic.

First of all, there might be different reasons that lead the future couple to organize their wedding during the winter months. Less than one months and we will enter in the last 30 days of the year. Is it possible to organize a wedding in just one month? Certainly. And if the time available is even less? No panic: there is no minimum time to organize a wedding. There are fundamental characteristics, however, to ensure that the wedding day can be realized in a short time, why not by December!

Flexibility, organization, and pragmatism: these are the elements that should not be missed either by the spouses or by the team of professionals that will accompany the couple during the tailor-made marriage. It is important for the team to become the point of reference for the bride and groom, who must always be clear in communicating their wishes. All the agreements, when “there is a rush to get married”, must be crystal clear. After that, everything will be organized quickly and easily, like downhill skiing.

Wedding in December

Ask yourself: are we attracted by the beauty and richness of the Christmas decorations? Weddings in Winter will meet your Christmas wish. Think of a setting table with holly, pine needles, natural pine or ceramic pins, or even lacquered gold pines, alongside design candles that will warm the atmosphere. This is a simple suggestion that gives you the first image of the colors and warm tones that a winter wedding can offer.

If you love the red color and its variants, this is the perfect season. From the colors of velvet and carpets to the hot color of the fire that bursts into a burning fire. Why not in magic and historical Villa near to Florence, where everything becomes even more magical.

Last but not least: what about the wedding menu? What are the dishes for a winter wedding? If you are a gourmet couple, in love with MasterChef, Top Chef as well as Bake Off,  you know that choosing to marry in winter means enjoying a good lunch or dinner without having to think about the temperatures that during the rest of the year might be too high.

In this season the menus are particularly rich in flavor and will give you and your guests a pleasant palate experience!