Tuesday 23 July 2024

Organizing a wedding in Tuscany: our advice

For many Italian and foreign couples, wedding in Tuscany is a real dream. The territory is certainly a timeless destination for weddings that every year renews and expands its range of services.

Getting married in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the regions with the greatest tradition in hospitality, an unparalleled feature in Europe. It is perhaps for this reason, as well as for the wonderful landscapes and the services it offers, that couples from all over the world choose it as their wedding destination.

Organizing the wedding in the picturesque setting of Tuscany means living an experience. It means linking one’s love to a territory with iconic landscapes that, at first glance, conquer the heart and the mind.

Destination wedding in Tuscany

Those who choose Tuscany as a wedding destination have a truly wide and varied range of locations and services available. From the gentle hills covered with vines to the rugged coast, from the cities of art to the mountain resorts, each place embodies different possibilities.

The bride and groom will be able to choose between romantic medieval castles, renaissance villas, period residences, sixteenth-century palaces, farms, agricultural estates and historic wine cellars surrounded by greenery. The area of Florence, in particular, offers an incredible variety of ideal wedding locations. To these are added the services and comforts that only such a city can guarantee.

Your Tuscan wedding with Corsini Events

With such an abundance of possibilities, it is easy to lose your compass. The best solution is to rely on a professional who knows the area and can support you in every choice. In this case, the Corsini Events team is the ideal partner.

Our wedding planning and event production activity is based in a historic renaissance villa a short distance from Florence, we are expert connoisseurs of the Tuscan territory and its potential.

Our advice

This is why we want to share some advice to organize a wedding in Tuscany.

1) First, choose an experienced wedding planner or a production management agency that can guide you in the best possible way in every stage of the event organization.
2) Together with the agency, prepare a short list of possible venus and spend a few days visiting them. The need to host guests for the entire duration of the marriage, that is in the days before and after the event, must also be taken into consideration. The choice of a venue close to the city allows to provide guests with some recreational activities and to introduce them to the Tuscan territory.

3) Define the program of the event and based on this confirm the venue that best fits your ideas and that guarantees adequate space to accommodate all the guests.

4) Finally, select vendors such as catering, light designer, floral designer, photographer, video maker and entertainment artists.

Ph credit: Studio Fotografico Righi