Tuesday 23 July 2024

Romantic places in Tuscany

Tuscany boasts countless places of art, culture and splendor.

Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is the ideal setting for each step of a romantic love story, starting from a walk hand in hand, to the organization of an elegant wedding ceremony, from a family trip to an anniversary celebration. Medieval alleys, cities of art, uncontaminated nature: a couple of lovers will find the perfect place to make a toast or even to say the fateful “yes”.

Think about the charming village of Anghiari, embraced in its ancient walls: the little streets of Anghiari are the perfect setting for romantic walks among the typical stone houses, aiming to one of the characteristic little squares and maybe visiting an antique dealer or a museum together.

Are you looking for a good luck charm for your love story? There’s nothing like the Tree of Love, kept in Lucignano Town Museum. This masterpiece of medieval jewellery is a reliquary forged in the shape of a tree, and represents a good destination for all the lovers visiting the charming village of Lucignano, in the province of Arezzo.

Who wants to combine evocative views with some relaxation has to visit the park of Lucca’s city walls, a perfect place for a stroll at dusk between history and nature: a walk through the atmosphere of bygone days, admiring the sun setting on the city towers and on the centuries-old trees around.

Romantic destinations for the wedding

The list of romantic destinations in Tuscany has to include the view of Florence enjoyable from Fiesole, thanks to the favorable geographical location of the small Etruscan city, on a hill immediately behind Florence: this breathtaking view fulfills an enchanting itinerary among nature and historical monuments, witnessing the ancient past of Fiesole.

Tuscany has plenty of places combining romantic atmosphere with history: for example, the streets of Volterra are waiting for those couples who want to spend unforgettable hours within its 13th-century walls. Medieval buildings, museums, the remains of the city’s Etruscan past: everything gives Volterra an enigmatic and mysterious appeal.

Peace and fairytale landscapes await those couples choosing Val d’Orcia, with its mild hills and medieval villages, as their romantic destination: the city of Pienza can take advantage of a particularly favorable location, on the top a hill allowing a wonderful view all over the valley. It’s worth remembering, moreover, that Palazzo Piccolomini in Pienza has been chosen by the director Franco Zeffirelli as the setting of some scenes for the movie Romeo and Juliet: it can’t get more romantic than that.

Do you want to confess your love at the foot of a wonderful medieval tower? In San Gimignano you’ll be spoilt for choice: the structure of this charming fortified village is characterized by this particular architectural element, perfect to make a romantic itinerary special.

Lovers searching for romantic destinations in Tuscany seem to have endless possibilities: who wants to spend a good time looking for some well-being can choose the thermal baths of Saturnia. The magic atmosphere of the Mulino waterfalls, combined with the healthy properties of the water and with the peaceful nature around, will create the ideal setting for some relaxation for two.

This overview is not enough to mention all the romantic places which make Tuscany wonderful for lovers: the area is so full of evocative and charming destinations, you’ll have to make a choice time by time. Some couples love art and architecture, some others prefer history, others again look for nature and relaxation: everyone’s perfect love nest is hiding in Tuscany. It will be a pleasure searching to find one’s own!