Tuesday 23 July 2024

The etiquette of a royal wedding!

Corsini.Events Group had the honor and consequently also the burden of organizing in July 2017 the marriage of Filippo Bruti Liberati and Astrid Bernadotte. A young couple, contemporary and extremely in love. A couple for whom it is a pleasure to work, as happens whenever two young promised spouses choose Villa Corsini or one of the Locations managed exclusively by Corsini.Events Group.

When love is "royal"

Why then tell in this article about their marriage? Of course, you can just search on Google the names of the two young spouses to understand that this is a special couple – although each couple is special for Corsini.Events Group.┬áHere, however, you had all the Royal Family of Sweden in the guest list. His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, HRH Queen Silvia of Sweden and the heir to the throne, Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Crowned heads, in the true sense of the word, famous throughout the world, who confirmed with happiness their presence at the wedding, that took place in Florence and it was managed by Corsini.Events Group.

What was the problem? None! While having the presence of important guests at the international level it has led to great attention to the security of individual guests – just think that was requested guests to wear tiaras and decorations family – the most important mission for the Corsini.Events Group was to keep the attention of the guests focused on the spouses and not on the guests.

The marriage is still the day when the bride and groom are the stars! Even in the case of particularly VIP guests, so to speak.

Etiquette and ceremony

For those born and raised in one of the most important families of Italian history, the presence of the Royals of Sweden has not aroused any fear. It was easy for Corsini.Events Group to resort to the most classic ceremonial of the European Courts. In fact, etiquette and ceremonials are not only useful for noble families: it is a common preconception that must be debunked. The ceremonial, in the hands of those who know how to use them properly, are very useful tools to offer ideal solutions for all kinds of hospitality.

By giving the right importance to every member of the spouses’ families, who have taken great care to welcome and entertain their Royal Highnesses, Corsini.Events Group has been able to put the spouses at the center of every step. Obviously, the Kindness and modesty of Their Royal Highnesses have helped a lot. In these cases, the secret of good hospitality always lies in the ability to host – in fact, we need to remember that welcoming is an art- and it is in the education of being able to be hosted too.

A romantic wedding

The reception took place in the most romantic wedding imaginable, celebrating the union of a close-knit couple. Although the tiaras and the precious decorations sparkled among the guests, the feeling was extraordinarily convivial and familiar: the bride could not hold back the tears during the speech of the father, while the bridegroom trembled with happiness, told his wife how much she felt happy with her.

Weddings, of any type, are the celebration of love: in fact, the riches of decorations, tiaras or noble titles are not celebrated. These elements, with the various ceremonials, can give an extra touch to make everything a bit ‘more fairytale, especially if the location in Tuscany!