Friday 24 May 2024

Exotic Wedding: Tuscany is the most coveted Wedding Destination

From the United Arab Emirates, India and Lebanon: more and more couples choose Tuscany to organize their own marriage. Exotic Wedding: does it mean to marry in distant islands? It all depends on the point of view … geographical! If those who organize the wedding come from the Russian Federation, certainly Italy represents an exotic destination for an Exotic Wedding!

Destination wedding is a business that attracts more and more interest from operators in the marriage sector. It represents an area of incredible growth for the Country with the highest number of sites declared to be UNESCO heritage sites. Needless to say, the Country mentioned above is Italy: 51 sites, followed by 48 sites from China.

If Latin America is also confirmed in 2018 among the Countries that most willingly organize marriage in Tuscany, Russia and China are always in positions of great respect, as underlined by the Center for Tourism Studies in Florence with the research titled Destination Weddings in Italy. Such research was prepared for the the Wedding Industry Meeting with the participation of the Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Corsini.Events Group was among the first Companies in Italy to manage, coordinate and follow all the necessary aspects in organizing events by guests coming from multiple countries: USA, Europe, Latin-America but also UAE or the United Arab Emirates United, India and Lebanon. Creating a map of unique married couples, each of them connected by the fil-rouge of love for Italy and in particular for the Tuscany and Florence countryside. For these – today – spouses in fact Italy is the exotic destination of reference where to promise eternal love.

If entrusting the organization of their marriage and the choice of the wedding location can raise doubts and indecision even for Italian spouses who choose Italy -maybe by selecting a city that has a value for the couple but that is not where they live – what does it mean for foreign couples, choose Tuscany, choose Florence for their wedding?

First of all, it means access to the exclusivity of dreamy places, beautiful landscapes rich in history and culture. Not to mention the culinary experience at their disposal to discover Italian cuisine, or to visit monuments and see famous Paitings and Sculptures in the world.

Only with perfect organization can you get the best results. Beyond the experience, fundamental in the choice of the Company or of the Group that organizes the wedding in Italy – or abroad – it is necessary to rely on the professionalism of the workers: wedding planners, event producers, production managers, so that they understand the most important elements for the spouses in organizing the ceremony.

In fact, following these tips, couples who want to organize an Indian wedding in Italy, or a Lebanese wedding in Florence, or even a ceremony according to the Arab tradition in Tuscany, can be sure of their choice, without worries. The ability of those organizing international events, of those involved in the wedding industry, of the “exotic wedding” is also that of not transmitting further weight and thoughts to the spouses.

Professionals have to work with conscience and wisdom, be able to make the right decisions in any unexpected moments, because, citing industry professionals about: “sometimes we wedding experts are like secret agents: the time of an event must flow according to the plans, there are no minutes given away and we must be ready for effective solutions for every unexpected event”.